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Workshop Details
WorkshopWorkshopGrades K-2 Math Fact Fluency and Number Sense
DepartmentDepartmentEducational Service Unit 4
Default ContactDefault ContactJen Madison
Default LocationESU 4 - Howe Conference Room
DescriptionFact Fluency and Number Sense, What is it? Why does it matter? And...Strategies to Make Them Stronger.  

Number sense is the foundation on which learning mathematics is built.  Fact fluency is a balance of flexibility, efficiency, accuracy and automaticity. Math facts are important and the best way to learn them is to focus on multiple representations, depth of understanding, and process not rote memorization, teaching step by step procedures, traditional algorithms, answer getting or mimicking the teacher. We will spend t
ime looking at fact fluency and number sense and then experience routines that you can do in your classroom to build number sense and fact fluency.  For an idea of the content, visit Lenny’s Math Routines page at

Lenny’s deep knowledge of instruction and current math research will help you build your understanding and instructional practice, and his love for math and kids will inspire you!