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Workshop Details
WorkshopWorkshop8 Mathematical Teaching Practices in K-12 Classrooms
DepartmentDepartmentEducational Service Unit 4
Default ContactDefault ContactJen Madison
Default LocationESU 4 Conference Center
DescriptionIn preparation for revised Nebraska Mathematics Standards, ESU 4 is excited to host Dr. Amber Vlasnik (ESU 6) for training on the 8 Mathematical Teaching Practices endorsed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics!
NCTM's landmark publication Principles to Actions connects research with practice. Specific, research-based teaching practices that are essential for a high-quality mathematics education for each and every student are combined with core principles to build a successful mathematics program at all levels.

*Establish mathematics goals to focus learning.
*Implement tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving.
*Use and connect mathematical representations.
*Facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse.
*Pose purposeful questions.
*Build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding.
*Support productive struggle in learning mathematics.
*Elicit and use evidence of student thinking.

On June 9 and 10, Dr. Vlasnik will focus on the first four practices. This fall, two additional days will be offered to complete all eight practices in the series.  During each day, participants will focus on two of the Mathematics Teaching Practices and have opportunities to collaboratively plan for classroom implementation with other mathematics teachers. Between sessions, teachers will be challenged to implement and reflect on how the practices impact student learning.

Additional Details:
-Participants will receive a copy of Principles to Actions (NCTM, 2014) included with the registration fee (if registered by May 13.)
-One Peru State College graduate credit hour is available for full participation on June 9 and 10 (additional cost.)
-Watch for the additional two days of the series to be offered this fall (separate registration required).
-Dr. Amber Vlasnik is a Professional Development Consultant at ESU 6. She has taught math for 13 years and is passionate about helping students to see the beauty and power of mathematics. In 2017, Amber was honored as the -Nebraska Teacher of the Year and has been able to travel across the nation experiencing teaching and learning in many diverse settings. She believes that empowered and empassioned teachers are the key to student success in mathematics.