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Workshop Details
WorkshopWorkshopThe “Behavior Boot-Camp” Kick Off!!
DepartmentDepartmentEducational Service Unit 4
Default ContactDefault ContactJodie McConnaughey
Default LocationESU 4 2301 Dalhke Ave
DescriptionWe’re kicking off a new adventure… ?? taking the next step and putting our right feet forward!!?? Join us for a year-long series designed to identify and build skills to strengthen our positive school-wide support systems, provide training in engagement and preventative processes, and assist with building a restorative process for classrooms. ?? The boot camp will be made up of regularly meetings, using a hybrid training model… face to face, zoom, (asynchronous) videos and on-site consultations. ?? Participants will receive a copy of a book focusing on behavior and mindset, along with additional resources that will guide conversations. ?? A featured speaker will share more information at the Engaging Education Conference on February 2, 2024.
At the conclusion of the boot camp activities, participants will be eligible for a stipend.